shelf stable snack pack packagingICPG is excited to announce the addition of state-of-the-art PET extrusion capabilities to our materials portfolio. Beginning in March, ICPG will now be able to offer precision PET solutions for barrier & non-barrier food packaging applications, making us your one-stop shop for all custom-developed food packaging rollstock solutions for applications ranging from monolayer PET cups, clamshells and trays, to barrier and extended shelf-life material solutions for the dairy, on-the-go, snack pack, meat packaging markets - and much more!

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ICPG’s project development team is equipped with decades of industry knowledge and experience in PET extrusion and thermoforming that, when used alongside the latest extrusion and quality monitoring technology, results in a sustainable material solution optimized to meet all packaging requirements for enhanced barrier, thermal and mechanical properties:

Rollstock Configurations:

The addition of our new PET extrusion capabilities will enable ICPG to produce monolayer, multi-layer coextrusion & extrusion lamination custom rollstock configurations. Multilayer coextruded structures are available in up to three-layer configurations, while extrusion laminated solutions are available for barrier structures and non-barrier with easy-peel or weld seal options.

Gauge & Width:

Our state-of-the-art PET extrusion line has precision gauge capabilities ranging from 0.010” to 0.060” and can accommodate widths of 15” to 65”.

Customization Options:

Impact offers various custom color and tint options, as well as additive selections including anti-fog, anti-scratch, and oxygen scavengers for clear or custom color material solutions.

Barrier Capabilities:

PET has great oxygen barrier properties making it a suitable material solution for medium barrier food packaging applications. Barrier properties can be further enhanced through the use of our extrusion thermal lamination processes to incorporate materials such as EVOH to provide a high barrier packaging solution.

Intrinsic Viscosity Quality Monitoring Capabilities: 
PET Intrinsic Viscosity Quality Monitoring

Careful control of the Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) of PET is essential to maintaining quality and material processing characteristics. ICPG’s state of the art PET extrusion line comes into action with its ability to monitor and track the relative level of the material IV in-process and in real-time. This real time IV monitoring works to identify any deviation in the processing conditions and takes corrective action to address those conditions in order to maintaining consistent quality for an efficient production run.

Regrind Integration: 

ICPG offers customer regrind integration programs and has extensive PET regrind integration capabilities allowing for up 100% recycled content for RPET food packaging applications. Using our real-time IV monitoring capabilities, ICPG’s production team can ensure a certain level of IV is maintained, resulting in a consistent product for thermoforming processes. Life cycle studies of PET's energy use and greenhouse gas emissions have consistently shown that PET offers an outstanding eco-profile among commercially available packaging solutions, and the safety of RPET solutions have been repeatedly examined using extensive research studies, scientific test studies, and regulatory approvals for its use and reuse into applications using RIC #1.

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