We’re excited to launch our latest venture, the Crazy About Packaging (C.A.P.) podcast, where we’ll cover all the latest news in the packaging industry. Read on to learn who will be involved, what we plan to chat about, and — most importantly — why we think packaging is such an important topic.

What Can You Expect from the Podcast?

The podcast is hosted by the “C.A.P. Pack,” three ICPG experts who are simply crazy about packaging!

Mike Moren is the Commercial Director at ICPG. When asked to introduce himself, Mike explains, “I'm a 40 year veteran of extrusion and thermoforming. I've worked in all kinds of markets, primarily in medical devices, consumer products, and now exclusively in food packaging — with a little pharma on the side… everything that we have, everything that we buy and consume is packaged today and it's such a very important topic and process for the entire society. And from a sustainability standpoint, we've got so many interesting things going on. I can't wait to share them.”

Jonathan Cage, Director of Business Development at ICPG, explains his lifelong passion and why he’s so excited about kicking off the podcast. “I have been in packaging my entire career… And so really have a great passion. I am crazy about packaging, to the point where I feel guilty when I throw things away. And sustainability and recyclability are just such an important factor to me… It is a lifelong passion and I'm just thrilled to be here…We're here and we're excited.”

Finally, Natalie MacVarish, Director of Marketing at ICPG, explores why she’s eager to co-host the Crazy About Packaging podcast: “I've been in the plastics industry for about eight years and my experience in food packaging started when I started working at ICPG… I'm constantly trying to learn. I find the whole industry to be so interesting with the vast range of products and applications and the ways that brands use these materials and the applications and products that use the materials that we sell.”

As the C.A.P. Pack, our goal is to educate businesses and consumers about developments in the packaging industry — the latest news, challenges, innovations in sustainability and packaging applications, and much more. We plan to release an episode of our podcast on the first Tuesday of each month.


Why Start a Podcast?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with ICPG, we are a division of Impact Plastics, a plastic sheet extrusion company. At our core, ICPG sells materials for packaging applications, particularly for food packaging. Since our inception, we have really evolved — now, rather than simply providing packaging materials, we provide innovative packaging solutions designed to address challenges facing the industry. In order to properly serve our clients, we need to understand not only potential solutions, but have a deep understanding of these core problems, especially when it comes to sustainability and material functionality.

All that to say: packaging is personal for us. At a time when the world is shifting towards more sustainable, environmentally friendly options, it’s vital that businesses in the industry have a full understanding of their responsibilities and how they can fulfill them. We think it’s important to keep businesses in the know, and who better to share that information than us?

So we’re starting a podcast to bring the most important packaging information right to you. We’re thrilled to get started, and we hope you’re ready to come along for the ride.

Want a sneak peek of our first episode? Here are some of the highlights:

  • Who is ICPG? Learn how ICPG has grown from our inception to becoming a true solutions provider. We strive to understand, innovate, and bring great solutions to the market.
  • What’s going on with plastic? The sustainability of plastics packaging has come under fire, particularly within the last few years, but the industry as a whole has been working to address this challenge for a long time. Learn more about how the industry has tried to address the issue over the years (and what’s coming).
  • What does it mean for packaging to be sustainable? When designing packaging for an application, there are several questions that should be asked. What is the value chain of this product — how will it be used after its initial purpose? Can it be recycled, reused, or repurposed?
  • Why is the type of packaging a business uses important? It’s critical for manufacturers to ensure they’re selecting the right materials or mix of materials. Color, additives, and other cosmetic factors are important, but it’s also essential to consider sustainability when selecting materials.
  • What can we expect from this podcast? This podcast is going to be about packaging, specifically plastics packaging. We'll talk about particularly innovative materials and innovations in packaging applications, especially when it comes to sustainability, product development, and innovation.


Ready to Follow Along?

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